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Brigade in FC Tokyo new match quarter lord field sports clothes a correct the mistakes in four match quarters sports clothes red and blue two colorses act as rivals of situation, re- find back ball team to establish a red design for assisting of early and blue lord, new sports clothes sleeves and on the side have the big area red district, Russia Jersey has parallelism of lengthways fine line. New match quarter guest field the sports clothes remain regard white as principle, or so two sideses use respectively red and blue fill. South African Ao orchid many pirate club authoritieses announced to be in remembrance of club to establish 75 being in remembrance of of anniversaries sports clothes, the club establishes in 1937, will welcome the birthday of 75 first anniversaries in 2012, ball team will on next weekend and the Wei Ci university brigade of 2011-12 match quarter the South African league match cup put on this new sports clothes in the finals. The design inspiration of new sports clothes comes from ball team the sports clothes style in 1973, the have never been hard Cui not of the ball team acquired all champions of games that Russia Jersey Home can acquire in that match quarter.

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Poland the foot helps on November 22 authorities to announce a pronouncement, for before release of Poland national brigade 2012 European cup new sports clothes up have never appeared the national insignia apologizes to large fan, and decide to make up this mistake, add the national insignia to the new sports clothes up, just such as Poland national brigade former sports clothes so. The Russia Jersey Away sponsor bears a gram of company to also support this decision with all strength, they recall the new sports clothes on the market to re- print more copies national insignia with ensure player can the next international game day put on to print to have national insignia of new sports clothes war. This"national insignia dispute" originates the national brigade announces on November 8 of 2012 European cup new sports clothes, the new sports clothes chest appeared Poland foot to help just released in April, this year of national brigade new marking, the new marking is one part that Poland foot helped all new image, represented a national brigade of all new Poland. Poland fan for new sports clothes up have never taken to have a gold hat white the Poland national insignia of the eagle expressed strong disaffection.